Are you struggling with getting great images in portrait photography? With a few simple tricks, you can take sharper pictures, speed up your workflow and much more. The following 10 tips will make you photos stand out among average photographers.

1. Focus at the eyes
Remember to always focus the eyes when taking a portrait photograph

Sharpness in the eyes is the most important element in portrait photography. Almost everyone looks into the subject’s eyes right away. This is the place where you give your first impression to the viewer and you certainly don’t want to ruin it. Therefore, the eyes should be tack sharp, unless you have a different artistic vision.

You’re probably saying, “This is easy! I can just select a single focusing point and lock the focus at the eyes.” Yes, this is true — but that’s only half the battle. The secret formula is to focus between the pupil and the white of the eyes. That’s where the most contrast exists and that is the place where your camera is going to nail the focus.
2. Use a higher f-stop (aperture)
Using a higher f stop (aperture) gives you more depth of field

There is no point to getting sharp eyes in the frame when everything else is blurry (unless you are doing this for artistic reasons). As easy as this may sound, my second tip to you is to use a high f-stop.

As a quick recap, a higher f-stop (aka aperture) gives you more depth of field in your photograph. In English, that means more areas of your picture is going to be in focus. On the other hand, if you use a low f-stop (such as f/2.8), focusing on the eyes might make the nose or face blurry.

So what is generally a good f-stop to use for portrait photography? Start with f/8 and go from there.

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